Every one of us must deal with the challenge’s life throws at us which can make daily life a struggle. For some it will be work and financial issues for others it could be the breakdown of a relationship, family pressure or illness and bereavement. It’s normal to feel sad, confused, inadequate and lost at times, especially given the current issues we all face with Covid 19 intensifying  the daily stresses we encounter.  The experiences we have throughout our life shape our resilience; how we cope and react to situations and can be the reason some are able to manage their emotions more effectively than others. If you feel you need some support with whatever you are struggling with, it will be our privilege to offer help and assistance to support you to overcome these life issues.

Our expert team are skilled professionals, each with their own approach to enable clients to gain the most from their individualised programme of support.

We specialise in helping people with a variety of issues with all of our counsellors holding a wealth of  experience.