Infection Control

Course Overview:

It is important to understand the sources of microorganisms and how infectious bacteria transfer between hosts to help prevent infections from spreading. This includes proper hand washing procedures, wound dressing, cleaning activities, and waste disposal.

This Infection Control training course is suitable for anyone who works in an environment where there is a significant risk of infections transferring.

Course Details

Introduction to Infection Control Infection, sources of infections, how is infection transmitted. The importance of infection control. The Chain of Infection The chain of infection: organisms;  mode of transmission; routes of entry; risk assessment, legal requirements including employer  and employee duties. Controlling Infection Risks Preventing exposure to microorganisms, good hygiene, infections prevention, hand hygiene Preventing and dressing wounds, waste disposal, cleaning spillages, clean-up kit, exposure to contamination, protective equipment, cleaning activities

Course requirements

There are no specific entry requirements to enrol on this course.

Course Assessment

There will be an assessment at the end of the course consisting of 10 questions.

Course Dates and Venue

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