Training & Development – Counselling Level Three Certificate in Counselling

Course Overview:

This qualification has been designed for those learners who seek the course as an entrance to their training to become a qualified professional counsellor; or those who wish to acquire a repertoire of counselling skills for use in other work areas, and who have no wish to become a professional counsellor, e.g. Nurses, social workers, teachers or managers.

The Level three certificate has 145 guided learning hours. Learners can choose to study over a period of 34 weeks course is available.

Course Details

Learners will study four units:

Understanding the context for the use of counselling skills

Learners will explore key legal and ethical issues based on an ethical framework for counselling and psychotherapy in a multi-cultural and diverse society. The need for and the importance of casework supervision will be highlighted.

Understanding counselling theory

Learners will study one major therapeutic model of counselling in depth to empower the learner to reflect constructively on its value and use when working with people. They will also reflect on two other therapeutic models of counselling to raise awareness of other models.

Using counselling skills

Through practice, learners will explore a range of skills used within the counselling profession. Additionally, they will understand that sessions in which counselling skills are used are professionally managed activities with a start, middle and end. Cultural differences are recognised, acknowledged and worked with.

Personal development for users of counselling skills

Learners will reflect on how the study of counselling theory, the use of counselling skills and feedback received can inform personal development and growth, in particular their understanding of self.

Course requirements

All learners must be 18 years or above, have evidence of  successfully completing an accredited level 2 award in counselling or related subject, a satisfactory reference from your Level 2 tutor and a successful interview.

To achieve the ABC qualification all learners have to have a minimum of 80% attendance.

Course Assessment

Ofqual Qualification Number 500/9286/8

QFC Credit – a total of 18 credits

All learners must compile a portfolio of evidence that shows achievement of all the relevant learning outcomes and assessment criteria. Evidence is not prescribed but may include any or all of the following

  • Oral / written questions and answers
  • Reports / notes
  • Worksheets / workbooks
  • Taped / recorded evidence (e.g. Video or audio)
  • Photographic evidence
  • Case studies / assignments
  • Skills observation sheets
  • Group discussion observation sheets
  • Other suitable supplementary evidence
  • Interview / discussion
  • The Quality Assurance systems are embedded throughout all of Mental Health & Wellbeing Solutions training courses, the quality of this course is regulated further by ABC Awards.

Course Dates and Venue

The Village Club Bramhall,   Level 3 Course to start w/c TBC Interviews will be held w/c TBC

Course Cost

The cost for the course £1250.

You can pay in 4 instalments over 4 consecutive months and you are contracted to pay the full amount in the event you leave the course part way through.
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